Ocean Kayak NZ’s leading sit-on-top kayaks

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Manufactured in New Zealand

Ocean Kayak is the name behind New Zealand and Australia's most popular and successful sit-on-top kayaks. Ocean Kayak is the world’s leading sit-on-top brand. Since its innovative debut in 1971, Ocean Kayak models are considered the most stable and safest kayaks on the market.

Manufactured in New Zealand (Auckland) and Old Town, Maine, USA and sold around the world.

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Fishing Kayaks

Put simply, kayak fishing is a terrific way to fish. Kayak fishing is commonly accepted as the fastest and easiest way to fish the coast. There is also the sheer thrill and excitement of landing that big one off a kayak. Sit-on-top kayaks with their inherent stability and self draining scupper holes provide an ideal platform for fishing.

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Family Kayaks

Sit-on-top kayaking is an activity that the whole family can genuinely enjoy. As a class of kayaks that are safe, stable, easy to use and a huge amount of fun it is the ideal family recreational product. With an unparalleled range of singles and doubles Ocean Kayak has a kayak for every family kayaking activity.

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Double Kayaks

For those paddlers who want to share their outdoors experience a double kayak may be the way to go. Ocean Kayak has several superb options.

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Touring Kayaks

With ample storage, speed and good stability, our longer sit-on-tops (Prowler series, Cabo) are ideal for touring and are a credible alternative to the traditional touring sit-in sea kayak. With scupper holes they are self bailing and are easy to right and considerably easier to re-enter in deep water.

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Surfing Kayaks

Unlike traditional surfing you can surf most waves. Most of our models can be surfed and with the Mysto you have a kayak designed specifically for surfing with its planing hull and twin ‘thruster’ fins.

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Diving Kayaks

Sit-on-top kayak are an excellent stable platform for diving. By paddling to your dive site you eliminate an exhausting surface swim. Ocean Kayak has a number of kayaks designed specifically for diving, with dive tank wells and stability for deep water entry and re-entry.

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Sea Kayaks

Whether it is surfing, fishing, diving, touring or just recreational paddling as the name would suggest our complete range of kayak is made for sea or ocean use.

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Fitness & Training Kayaks

Kayaking is a low impact form of exercise. Kayaking will tone your upper body including your torso. It improves circulation and improves flexibility.

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River Kayaks

A sit-on-top is not a white water kayak but depending on river conditions all our kayaks can be used for recreational kayaking in a river environment.

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New Products Kayaks

Check out the latest and most innovative kayaks yet. Our brand new kayaking range is out now.

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Discontinued Models Kayaks

Here you will find information about previously released kayaks which have now been discontinued, revamped, or replaced.

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The Ocean Kayak Difference

Differences in design and construction that deliver real benefits to our customers.

The Ocean Kayak Difference

New Kayaks

Check out our most innovative kayaks yet.

New Products

Kayak Accessories

Ocean Kayak has a full line of accessories to give your kayak added versatility and comfort.

Kayak Accessories

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